Website: Volts.Finance

What is Volts.Finance?

Our Goals:

We have seen the benefit that only native token pairs and a low emission rate can bring to stabilising the price of a farmable token. Given the base of our ecosystem is a store of value, at launch we will only emit 60 VOLTS per day, curbing supply inflation. Furthermore, the emission rate and the burn rate are completely adjustable, this means that we can tune the rate at which token supply increases, therefore allowing us to ensure the token as a deflationary store of value.

We had great success for our previous project, however there was an issue with claiming fees which has made us migrate to a new contract. And we are happy to say we are going from strength to strength with $VOLTS — our community is as good as it gets and we are looking forwards to farming launch (approximately 12:00 UTC, 10/11/2020).

Our Audit:

Here is the full audit by VidarTheAuditor:

The Token Distribution:

  • 500 tokens will be used for a presale to raise initial liquidity
  • 500 tokens were used to provide initial liquidity on Uniswap (locked until end of year)
  • 100 tokens unlocked at launch allocated to the community for contribution to the project
  • 100 team tokens locked for a month
  • 400 tokens reserved for a swap for CHARGED holders

The Farming Pairs:


Farming will start at block 11230000!

If this and a being part of a great supportive and all-around great community interests you, come and pop into our telegram to say hi 😊, farming starts soon! For additional information and how-to’s make sure to check the “HOW?”-section on our website!


A deflationary yield farming protocol that marries being a store of value with promoting a vibrant community led ecosystem. We keep it simple and honest!