Ohms: Presale Details ⚡

We are pleased to finally announce the OHMS presale details, thank you to everyone waiting patiently while we have been going through the final rounds of testing.

As mentioned in our previous article it will be structured as follows,

Presale details:

  • Price: 4 OHMS: 1 ETH (same as listing price)
  • Soft-cap: 20 ETH
  • Hard-cap: 100 ETH
  • Per person cap: 1 ETH = Min/Max

The presale/whitelisting process will on happen Tuesday 22nd December. The first 10 spots in the presale will be reserved for the winners of a set of community events/challenges that will occur throughout the day. The remaining 90 spots will be given to those that fill a google form whitelist on a FCFS basis. This will released later on in the evening (UTC time). Listing will happen immediately after the presale concludes. All in all make sure you stay active in our telegram on the 22nd so as to not miss out on anything!

Just to give some final details before the presale. Note that we will be blacklisting fees from being earned by the ETH-OHMS Uniswap pool. The reasoning for this is that if we were to enable fees, additional OHMS would accumulate in the pool, which assuming a constant amount of ETH, would have a negative impact on the OHMS price.

To those that have been messaging us worried about the loss of fees that would that would occur as a result of this. Don’t fret, we understand how important liquidity providers are to the ecosystem. As a result, we will be slightly adjusting the ratios of tokens distributed across the pools, as you can see below. This will more than adequately compensate any loss in transfer fees, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything!

OHMS — ETH (50%)

VOLTS — ETH (30%)

OHMS (10%)

VOLTS (10%)

Finally, a quick clarification on the double yield mechanism. Any unclaimed rewards will carry on earning fees as if you held them in your wallet, allowing you to compound different sources of yield like never done before - no transaction required! Furthermore, if you choose to stake in the OHMS pool, your staked tokens will carry on earning fees and you will be able to see these happily accumulating alongside your balance !

We know you have been waiting for a long time for this, but we truly are almost there. Thanks for sticking with us for so long and know that we can’t wait to get started! See you on the 22nd!

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