We are pleased to finally announce the OHMS presale details, thank you to everyone waiting patiently while we have been going through the final rounds of testing.

As mentioned in our previous article it will be structured as follows,

Presale details:

  • Price: 4 OHMS: 1 ETH (same as listing price)

The presale/whitelisting process will on happen Tuesday 22nd December. The first 10 spots in the presale will be reserved for the winners of a set of community events/challenges that will occur throughout the day. The remaining 90 spots will…


We know it has been a long time since an update but as you all know we have been quietly working and plotting our next move in the background. Today we are pleased to unveil exactly that — an expansion to the volts.finance ecosystem and what you have all eagerly been awaiting — OHMS.

A New Paradigm 🚀

OHMS will be a fixed supply farmable ERC20 token that incorporates some of the most innovative recent additions to DEFI. …

Website: Volts.Finance

What is Volts.Finance?

Volts.Finance is an experimental yield-farming protocol. As much as we love defi and the Uniswap space, just like you guys we are getting both jaded and tired. Project after project is a scam. Project after project does not deliver on their promises. It feels like it never ends, but we at Volts want to do things differently. Simply put, we offer a project that both straightforward and out-of the box complete.

Our Goals:

We will not set lofty expectations that will never be met, and we will not take advantage of you, our stakeholders. The idea is simple and non-revolutionary…


A deflationary yield farming protocol that marries being a store of value with promoting a vibrant community led ecosystem. We keep it simple and honest!

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